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Garden Care Tips from Daisy NookMost people consider their gardens as their pride and joy but we haven’t always got the time required to invest in them.  Not to worry – we stock everything you need to keep your garden space looking tip top all year round.


We have a great range of garden tools available with prices to suit all pockets.  You’ll also find the latest innovations plus bird seed, plant seed, cloches, plant food, lawn food and much more – in fact just about everything your green fingers could desire.


We have one of the best selections of compost and mulches in the region with regular offers on different products.  From compost to peat, mulches to sand you’ll find it here.


You might think watering a British garden wouldn’t require much thought given the weather we have but now and again we hit a warm spell so again you’ll find a great selection of products to help you.  Hoses, watering systems and much more in fact.


The down side to gardening is keeping on top of the weeding and bugs.  Again, we can help with everything from trowels to termite powder, gardening gloves to knee pads, slug pellets to animal repellent.  We’re here for the good things as well as the bad!